DMG DML 80 PowerShape Laser System (used)


Updated: 06.08.2016 20:57:23

Year: 2005

Location: United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

Equipped With: Rofin-Sinar RS 100 DP Q-Switched Diode-Pumped Nd:YAG Laser (100 Watt) Integrated Laser Control with 2-Axis Galvo = 181 mm flat field lens 225 mm working distance LASERSOFT PowerDrill LASERSOFT PowerShape LASERSOFT Combustor LASERSOFT Simulation Lssertec 80 ablationlaser with Siemens 840D control NC-Swivel rotary axis with linear motors Two laser safety windows Dust Extraction unit with filter eements and automatic cleaning Cooling unit for laser and linear motors 3 D measuring probe, Renishaw auto retracting Erowa work holding, including all pnuematic connections CCD Camera paralled to the beam path with lamp including housing Electronic hand wheel 5-Axis transformation DMG-Netservice including router hardware and software